The Role of Networks | Mapping

October 7, 2017

The intention for this session is to become familiar with a tool called Asset Mapping and to better understand the connection between the individual and the collective through networks. We’ll explore the importance of our relationships, telling our own stories, our formal and informal institutional connections, and the complex systems at play in the Bay Area Arts and Culture field.

Location: Center for New Music, 55 Taylor St, SF, CA 94102

Skills Development Objectives:

  • Asset / Network Mapping
  • Personal social location (mapping) / power and context awareness
  • Writing a personal vision statement
  • Cultivating practice of critical inquiry (taking place in three moments)
  • Peer coaching

Agenda Outline: 9:30am – light breakfast, 10am – Program begins, 12:30pm – lunch provided, 4pm – day ends

  1. Settling into the space
  2. Reading reflection in small groups
  3. “Open Space” – Share a skill / passion
  4. Guest Speakers
  5. Lunch
  6. Focus Area activity / exploration: Peer Coaching & Network Mapping
  7. Closing with intention

Guest Speakers

Elissa Perry

CoDirector, MAG

Elissa Perry works with people and groups of people in network contexts to be better in what they do. Elissa joined MAG in 2013 as the Program Catalyst for the Network Leadership Innovation Lab and became a Senior Consultant with MAG in 2014 and CoDirector along with Susan Misra in 2015. She enjoys bringing together theory and real-world practice and is driven by the values of human dignity and justice in both what she does and how she does it. Elissa holds a BA in Humanities with a concentration in social change and an MFA with concentrations in teaching and ethnic literature. She is also an accredited Values & Leadership Coach. When she’s not at MAG (and even sometimes when she is!) you can find Elissa writing, dancing, exploring other art forms, and hanging out with trees.

Adriana Grino

Program Associate, Kenneth Rainin Foundation

Adriana is the Program Associate for the Rainin Foundation’s Arts Program.  She supports the Director and Associate Director of Arts Strategy & Ventures with grantmaking activities, and developing and implementing new initiatives.

Adriana came to the Foundation from Galería de la Raza, a non-profit community arts space based in the San Francisco Mission District that is dedicated to advancing intercultural dialogue, where she served as the Curatorial and Special Program Manager. In this role, she worked with artists to develop exhibitions, managed the gallery’s public art program and assisted in developing its grant writing workshops. In June 2014, she completed a fellowship with Emerging Arts Professionals/San Francisco Bay Area, an organization focused on empowerment, leadership and growth of next generation arts and culture workers.

Adriana has a BA in Art History and Archaeology from Tufts University and is currently on the board of San Francisco Camerawork.

Readings & Assignments

Influencing Complex Systems Change by Natasha Winegar, Susan Misra and Ashley Shelton

Emergent Strategy: Shaping Change, Changing Worlds by Adrienne Maree Brown p. 41-66 (Print out in your binder)

Open Space: Prepare to share 1 skill / passion (admin, arts, personal rejuvenation, etc related) – 3mins /each

UPDATES from 9/9/17:

  1. Meet with your Study Buddy for at least 30mins, either through a call or in person, to review each group agreement. Do you want to suggest an edit, addition, or need clarification? Bring those to our October meeting.
  2. Review your binder, we’ll review it together in October.
  3. SIGN UPS – Plz complete by Fri. 9/29
    1. Storytelling / “Open Space” – 10 folx will go in October and 10 in November
    2. Along with practicing Peer Coaching in October, Rhiannon and I are offering coaching sessions with you all. The first is a career coaching session with Rhiannon, the second is Team dynamics check in, and the third is to support you as we wrap up the Fellowship. Please sign up to one time slot for each Coaching session by our next session: (1) Career Coaching with Rhiannon, (2-3)  Check in with Katherin
    3. November potluck dinner to determine Project Teams – you’ll prep on 11/4 with Dia, but we’ll select the final teams during our potluck: Doodle Poll