Saturday Nov 11, 2014: THE STATE OF ARTS/CULTURE

Bring in 2 news articles, blog posts, interviews, photographs or other forms of documentation.

  1. A challenge the arts community is facing and
  2. An innovative, creative or artistic solution to a problem that the arts community or the community at large is facing

(We are not expecting them to address the same issue.)

Please come ready to discuss the state of the Bay Area Arts/Culture – the challenges, opportunities and assets at present and what an ideal future would look like. We want you to wear your futurist hat in November

Session Guest

MelonieMelanie Ida Chopko, Graphic Recorder
Melonie has been working in the field of systems change and strategic dialogue since 2005, translating complex ideas into simple images to create extra-ordinary results.

Her work as a graphic recorder has been used to support conversations on organizational and business strategy, visioning, sales, clean energy, urban farming, and women’s leadership.

A graduate of Eugene Lang College, The New School, Melanie holds an interdisciplinary degree in cultural studies and visual art. She plays American and Brazilian folk music, and is fascinated by Chinese medicine.  Visit Melonie online at

Group Notes