Arts & Enterprise: In this area we will look at the virtues and drawback of pairing arts and enterprise. What is an entrepreneurial mindset? Is an entrepreneurial approach detrimental to the arts community? Can enterprise support the freedom to create or does it slowly corrode our character and slim content? We will discuss how arts organizations are using traditional models such as subscriptions in innovative ways as well as new social motivated business models such as Laurence Lessig’s hybrid entities and Henry Chesbrough’s open business models.

2014-15 Arts & Enterprise Fellows

2014-15 Arts & Enterprise Fellowship Project

Publication - Name TBD

A (potentially annual) trade publication on the state & best practices of the Arts Industry in the Bay Area, focusing on business models & trends, stats, and new ideas. Trade publications such as Entrepreneur and Fast Company, or industry specific art publications like Dramatist Magazine and Scratch Quarterly, are invaluable for professionals to learn, get tips, get inspired, and feel connected to their industry. However, we have found no such publications for cross-disciplinary arts professionals, and definitely not one focused on the Bay Area. Because we are all interested in new models, research, best practices, and industry partnerships, we thought a magazine format would be a perfect way to combine our interests and share inspiration with our community.