Who Participates in EAP

EAP is a network of Bay Area people interested in next generation leadership issues in arts and culture. There are currently no membership fees; any person who is interested in participating is welcomed as part of the network.

While our early outreach and programs focused on supporting arts and culture workers under 40 who live and/or work in San Francisco or Oakland, we are gradually expanding our geographic focus. We hope that these efforts, and our online offerings, will serve people all across the region, state, and nation who are part of this broad next generation arts and culture network and perspective.

EAP defines arts and culture workers broadly. It includes: administrative and artistic staff and interns of nonprofit, for-profit, and community based arts and/or culture organizations; independent workers such as artists, consultants, entrepreneurs, and others working in arts and/or culture; educators working in arts and/or culture; arts and/or culture grantmakers; undergraduate and graduate students focusing and interested in arts and/or culture; among others. We see arts and culture as inclusive of media, film, dance, music, theater, visual arts, literary arts, interdisciplinary arts, multidisciplinary arts, community arts, culinary arts, architecture and design as well as the advancement and presentation of science, history, historical collections, and artifacts.

Local / Regional / National Networks

EAP is proud to be connected to a thriving statewide network of California Emerging Leader groups, as well as a host of other local, regional, and national networks who are working to develop the next generation arts and culture leaders and evolve the arts and culture sector.


Cultural Research Network

Emerging Leader Program of Americans for the Arts

National Cultural Data Network (with SMU DataArts)