Join the EAP Membership!

Emerging Arts Professionals is launching a new membership program and we want YOU to be a part of creating it!

Click above to join! You’ll be directed to our membership page at Intersection for the Arts, our fiscal sponsor.

Please contact Rhiannon MacFadyen, Co-Director, if you have questions or want to know more:

Beta Team members will be tapped for feedback on the structure, mechanisms, and benefits of this program. This is a great opportunity to help form a program that’s made for you—one that is effective, representative, and beneficial to members, the community, and the industry. WE WANT YOUR VOICE!

TOGETHER WE ARE: EAP represents the diverse arts workforce in the Bay Area. We are a network of arts administrators, for-profit and nonprofit staff, arts educators, creative entrepreneurs, curators and cultural producers, and creatives — those whose work is to facilitate other people’s work. We range in age from 20 to 60, are at various levels in our career, and are diverse along multiple dimensions of experience, identity, and culture.

TOGETHER WE CAN: Through knowledge sharing, learning opportunities, and partnerships, EAP members build relationships, develop leadership, explore emerging ideas and models, and take action on issues impacting arts and culture workforce. As a network we elevate the way arts leadership is expressed and valued and create pathways to meaningful and sustainable work.