Saturday, March 4, 2017: ARTS & ENTERPRISE

We will look at the virtues and drawback of pairing arts and enterprise. What is an entrepreneurial mindset? Is an entrepreneurial approach detrimental to the arts community? Can enterprise support the freedom to create or does it slowly corrode our character and slim content? We will discuss how arts organizations may embrace innovative forms and business models.


  • Cultivate a practice of critical inquiry
  • Expand professional capacity for leadership and collaboration
  • Develop a national/international understanding of the arts field using local arts organization as case studies

LOCATION UPDATE: Black & White Project, 2830 20th Street, Studio 105, San Francisco CA 94110; start time is still 9:30am – coffee/breakfast, 10am – program

Guest Speakers

Keba Armand Konte, Founder/CEO, Red Bay Coffee Roasters

Keba Armand Konte was born and raised in San Francisco, has been in Oakland just as long. He is an artist, food entrepreneur and community man. His artwork has been published widely and exhibited in museums and galleries internationally. He is the co-founder of Guerilla Cafe, founder of Chasing Lions Cafe and Founder/CEO of Red Bay Coffee Roasters. In his spare time he enjoys aquaponic gardening, judo and making vegan waffles for his family while listening to ol’ time singer Valerie June.

UPDATE: Will not be able to join us

Joyce Grimm, Program Director

Joyce grew up in West Virginia, went to college in North Carolina, moved to the Mountains of Colorado and then attended graduate school in San Francisco where she’s lived for the last 13 years.

Currently she is the Program Director of an alternative school that uses the forest as a classroom as well as a Creative Development and Engagement Consultant.

Previously held positions include: Contemporary Gallery Owner and Curator of Triple Base, a San Francisco City Arts Employee working with the Mayor’s Office of Economic Development and the City Art Galleries, an Atelierista for a Reggio Emilia Program, an Art Studio Manager for a Hands on Discovery Museum, a Clay and Sculpture Instructor, a Chef Educator for Pie Ranch,  a Visiting Professor at California College of the Arts, a Lecturer at Portland State and the University of San Francisco, a Program Coordinator for the Andy Warhol Foundation, a Creative Consultant for Manresa Gallery focusing on Interfaith Dialogue, and Developer for a girl’s cycling and photo journalism program in Iceland.

She received her Masters education from California College of the Arts in the field of Curatorial Practice, which stems largely from social anthropology and community development. Joyce is interested in ideas that foster healthy communities and support creative solutions. www.

Readings & Assignments

W.A.G.E Survey Report
Paradox of Art as Work NYT by AO Scott
Art without Market, Art without Education: Political Economy of Art by Anton Vidokle
Watch: The State of Creativity 2014: A Look into the Otis Report on the Creative Economy | 2015 Report (p.60-64)
Watch: Business Model Generation
Non Profit vs. For Profit + What is a B-Corporation?     

Models of Impact: Models of Impact Glossary | Models of Impact Worksheets

Reading reflection questions:

  • What caught your attention?
  • In what ways does the economy of arts affect the community?
  • What is the effect of capitalism on the arts, how do artists morph their skills to survive?
  • What does the changing face of economies mean for patrons of the arts?