Saturday, April 8, 2017: REGENERATIVE PRACTICES

How can we make the arts more sustainable? What can we do as individuals to renew our energy and passion? What can we do as a network to support each other? How can we tap into our own and the field’s capacity for resiliency? What can we do as leaders of programs and organizations to encourage a healthier arts ecosystem? Each project team will be encouraged to connect with members of the EAP/SFBA network at large who have contributed to the ongoing work of advancing each of these issues.


  • Understand own growth areas, limits, organization and communication style, and when to step up / step back
  • Develop a personal mission statement including values and goals for professional and personal development
  • Articulate individual strategy for personal and professional sustainability/resiliency; Articulate how this strategy supports the health of the sector


Location: Center for New Music, 55 Taylor Street, SF

Ending the day by 3:30pm

We will be led through some light yoga, feel free to come prepared or arrive as you normally do 🙂

Guest Speakers

Deirdre Visser, is Curator of The Arts at CIIS. As curator, educator, and publisher she strives to promote pluralism in the arts, to support artists in the creation of new work, and to foster dynamic and critical dialogues within and across communities that propose integrative approaches to the urgent questions we collectively face. Her exhibitions, publications, and public programming with The Arts at CIIS have connected history to the present, ethically and strategically, to look for common themes and deepen our understanding of both past and present as we move into the future.

Deirdre also harbors a not-so-secret love of the banjo and of woodworking, and spent 50 hours a week at her workbench during the 2015-2016 academic year, attending College of the Redwoods Fine Furniture program in Fort Bragg, CA.

Guest Facilitator

Dia Penning has held leadership positions with the San Francisco Arts Commission, The Center for Innovation in Technology and Education at Columbia College Chicago, and the Center for Art and Public Life, at California College of the Arts.

With a Master in Interdisciplinary Arts, Dia is a connector; she draws together ideas,people, thoughts, and feelings. By using visual and performing arts, media literacy, mindfulness and critical analysis, she gets at the heart of assumptions and habitual behavior. Dia presents best practices in the social justice field to support development and transformation WHILE clients engage in equity, strong community, and creative communication. She also works with teams, to assuage their fear of change by building and expanding ideas; giving people time to reflect, respond, and question.

Dia serves as the Director of Curriculum and Education for World Trust Educational Services in Oakland, CA. She also creates international social justice and yoga experiences with Love Light Yoga in Vancouver Canada.

Readings & Assignments

The Busy Trap by Tim Kreider

The Gig Economy Celebrates Working Yourself to Death by Jia Tolentino

The Scarcity Model By David Dower

The Anxiety if Generosity and the Abundance of the Commons By Polly Carl

Three ways to beat burnout By Christopher Gergen and Gregg Vanourek

Escape the Tyranny of the To-Do List by Beth Collins on LinkedIn
Music to My Ears by Akaya Windwood

Reading reflection questions:

  • What are some key themes that emerged from the articles? And how does that play out in your own professional or person life?
  • What are the biggest stumbling blocks to balance in the arts?
  • How might artists and arts organizations participate in ongoing rejuvenation practices?