December 2016: Peer Coaching / Focus Area Projects

We will not meet as a full group in December, affinity teams are required to meet at least once to prepare their project ideas/plans for the group project presentation in January 2017. Think of this time as a flexible self-directed learning opportunity to put into practice the concepts and skills we’ve been developing over the last few months.


  • Expand professional capacity for leadership and collaboration
  • Strengthen capacity for mindful listening, peer coaching, and priority setting across complex situations
  • Prototype an emerging model for leadership that is response/reflective of the complex context of the Bay Area or own organization

Readings & Assignments

  1. Meet with your affinity team to refine your final project proposal; Use the Collaborative Project Development Worksheet, see Appendix
  2. Prepare a 15 minute presentation for January session with at least 2 possible final project ideas
  3. Practice peer coaching skills with a colleague or Fellowship Cohort member

Group Assignment: Prepare to share the outline and structure of your focus project with the larger group. Each group will be given 15 minutes for presentation and 20 minutes for question and answer/refinement.

  • You will be asked the following questions about the project:
    • Is it a product/service/event?
    • Is it a relationship building enterprise?
    • Is it s a communications platform, getting ideas and information to people?
    • Is it something that can be scaled larger?
    • Does it work best as a small venture?
    • How will you measure success?
    • How will this add to the conversations taking place now and in five years in the Bay Area arts?

Reflections on Collaboration

At the October meeting I asked folks to respond to a few questions on collaboration and accountability. Here are the notes from your responses to keep in mind as you meet with your team for the first time in December.

What motivates me to follow through on team projects?

  • motivated & accountable team members; shared goal; passion & enthusiasm to grow together
  • excitement about project; accountability to group mates; big dreams!
  • excitement; a sense of responsibility
  • a clear vision + plan; the sense that everyone’s doing their part (trust in the group + process)
  • feeling everyone is engaged & excited; belief in our project
  • deadlines and accountability
  • having support & space for my ideas & supporting other ideas
  • trust; belief in the vision, all accountable
  • energy; collaboration
  • commitment to vision
  • constant accountability; team’s excitement; everyone’s being engaged

In the teamwork context, I want to work on…

  • step up, step back, step aside
  • stepping back & taking on roles outside of my comfort zone

To feel accountable to my teammates I need/request…

  • deadlines; communication; clear understanding of goals and objectives
  • deadlines; parties; encouragement; no shaming; clarity
  • for my voice to be heard during the planning process; clear communication around roles, deadlines, etc

The skills and/or qualities I bring to team projects are…

  • patience, enthusiasm, respect, strategy
  • organizing
  • self-care & medicine, creativity
  • fun! ideation, critical inquiry
  • motivator, good at organizing & setting up meetings, critical thinking
  • excited to work with people! Listen & incorporate, no (hopefully) ego, not afraid to look silly
  • creative brainstorming, accountability structures, detail, presence
  • my organization, listening, energy, inclusivity, critical/constructive inquiry
  • communicating (like writing group emails), coming up w/realistic timelines & budgets
  • listening, facilitation, #perspective
  • quick to generate ideas, facilitating conversation
  • I’m an initiator, I like to initiate connections, ideas
  • collaborative & collective experience, listening, facilitation
  • making space for all voices, modeling solidarity

I am excited to learn about…

  • our shared interests & plans to inform future arts community building processes
  • network mapping
  • network thinking, collab
  • work life balance between art, admin; financial sustainability
  • skills of being a network weaver
  • leadership, motivating, instigating & persuading people & groups
  • networking, communication
  • networks & networking not rooted in capital gain & self-interest
  • network weaving, community building, everyone’s passions and projects, strategies for sustainability & rejuvenation
  • executive & artistic leadership/collaboration
  • ideas coming from outside my comfort zone, extent & shape of this SFBA arts network