We will revisit the personal vision statement, the program outcomes and continue to work on the affinity group projects as needed. Be prepared for a lot of time to reflect and action plan for next steps (what comes after the Fellowship).


LOCATION: Pro Arts, 150 Frank H. Ogawa (Oscar Grant) Plaza, Oakland CA, 94612, map


  1. Reflection on your items  & Personal Vision Statement
  2. Affinity Team Studio time
  3. Review 2017-18 Application & Program Survey

Readings & Assignments

From Sept. 10 2016 Assignment, bring your Rejuvenation & “Mission Statement” boxes, if you didn’t have time to create two boxes, bring in at least two items, (1) that reminds you to have balance in your life, and (2) that aligns or represents your personal vision statement.

What’s in your box? Reflection questions:

  • What came up?
  • What are you most excited about? Concerned about?
  • How can we use art or out networks to support one another?
  • What can we do as leaders to encourage a healthier arts ecosystem?

Add your Personal Vision Statement from last Fall into the GDoc here.  Please only add your statement, this isn’t the time to edit it, because we want to use that as a horizon point to reflect on the last nine months together.

Register for Emergence 2017: Whole Person, Whole Impact  Event Page  with Fellows Comp Ticket

Complete Affinity Team Project Questions – in prep for Emergence GDoc here