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On the Ground: The Art of Social Practice – EMERGENCE Plenary Session

Post lead image:  Ramekon O’Arwisters artwork.    YBCA Forum @ 2PM Participating:  Deirdre Visser, Curator of The ARTS at CIIS Ashara Saran Ekundayo, Impact Hub Oakland, LLC , Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer Omi Gallery, Director/Curator Ramekon O’Arwisters, Social-practice artist, Curator of Exhibitions at the San Francisco Airport Museum Ebony McKinney [ABBA] Arts for a Better Bay Area co-founder, […]

The Independent Curator – Evolving Definitions – Morning Working Session

  Conference Room – 12:00pm  (Closed Working Session) Meeting Lead:  Ernesto Sopprani, Director, Airspace Queer Performance Residency Program; EMERGENCE lead Curator, SF/BA EAP, Co-Founder Director, THEOFFCENTER, Independent Cultural Worker, Curator, Artist Advocate. Local independent curators / Cultural Producers gather to discuss curatorial processes across disciplines. We will share challenges and contribute ideas to help understand the […]

Connections Across the Region: Next Gen Networks Collaboration – Afternoon Working Session

  Conference Room – 2:50pm  (Closed Working Session) Meeting Lead:  Adam Fong, Ex. Director, Center for New Music; Director of National Initiatives, SF/BA EAP, Emerging Leaders Network Council, American for the Arts A working group of network leaders convenes to support and influence planning of regional gatherings. Engaging with broader networks offers an important opportunity […]

Data Driven – Leveraging Arts Data for Greater Impact – EMERGENCE 2015 – Afternoon Panel

Big Forum – 2:50pm Facilitated by Danielle Siembieda, Digital Marketing, Community Engagement Specialist Guest Panelists:   Lex Leifheit, Ex. Director at SOMArts; Co founder, Arts for a Better Bay Area Ian Heisters, Artist and Creative Technology Consultant, Heisters Generative Darin Jensen, GIS (geographic information system) instructor, UC Berkeley, Mission Possible and Intranational International Boulevard: A Street’s […]

Respecting the In-Between and Beyond of Re-generative Practice in the Arts – EMERGENCE 2015 – Morning Workshop

Youth Arts Lounge Room – 12:00pm Lead by Angela ‘Mictlanxochitl’ Anderson, Ph.D. student, M.A., Student Alliance Coordinator at CIIS Cristina Ibarra, Former Program Manager, Education & Community Engagement, ArtSpan, San Francisco, Creatix Tiara, Creative Producer, Artist, and Writer  at The Merch Girl, International Read the Community Hackpad from this session! We invite participants into an exploration of the plurality of regenerative practices that […]

Collective Approaches – State of the Arts & Society – EMERGENCE 2015 – Morning Panel

  Forum – 12:00pm Panelists: Rhiannon MacFadyen, Founder/Director of A Simple Collective Ashara Saran Ekundayo, Impact Hub Oakland, LLC , Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer Omi Gallery, Director/Curator Julie Potter,Creative Ecosystems Senior Program Manager, YBCA Kristi Holohan is a member of Rock Paper Scissors, founder of Arts and Creative Expression (ACE Arts).  How do we harness social, […]

Crossing Into Race and Privilege in the Arts – EMERGENCE 2015 – Afternoon Workshop

  Youth Arts Lounge Room – 2:50pm Lead by Angela Anderson Guerrero, Lauren Benetua, Jay Marie Hill, Dorothy Santos and Manish Vaidya A conversation about diversity, identity and the ways that history, culture, public policy and institutional practices interact to impact the way we address race and privilege in our sector. The session will invite us all to […]

EAP/SF BA encourages you to VOTE!

If you still need to decide on what to vote on tomorrow, here are a few starting points for your consideration. The Bay Area is experiencing a BOOM, we all feel it, see it, hear it and walk among it. As a community, artists, arts admin and cultural workers have poured countless hours and an […]