Respecting the In-Between and Beyond of Re-generative Practice in the Arts – EMERGENCE 2015 – Morning Workshop

Respecting the In-Between and Beyond of Re-generative Practice in the Arts

Youth Arts Lounge Room – 12:00pm

Lead by
Angela ‘Mictlanxochitl’ Anderson, Ph.D. student, M.A., Student Alliance Coordinator at CIIS
Cristina Ibarra, Former Program Manager, Education & Community Engagement, ArtSpan, San Francisco,
Creatix TiaraCreative Producer, Artist, and Writer  at The Merch Girl, International

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We invite participants into an exploration of the plurality of regenerative practices that lie at the heart of true sustainability in the arts. This session builds off intimate conversations around regenerative practice with focus points around movement, indigeneity, and diaspora. Participants will be invited into an embodied inquiry about what is regenerative practices that will guide a dialogue about the challenge of defining regenerative practice as a whole.  The goal is to empower respectful, inclusive, and culturally competent approaches to regenerative practice within arts and cultural organizations.

Session Lead by


Angela-AndersonAngela ‘Mictlanxochitl’ Anderson, Ph.D. student, M.A. is currently a scholar practitioner and artist whose doctoral studies are exploring the intersections of epistemology, indigenous knowledge and spirituality.  Both her art and her studies are an extension of her spiritual work within traditions of Mesoamerican, Native American, and Andean lineages.  At CIIS, she lead a $10,000 Social Innovation Grant from California Campus Compact that enabled CIIS students to initiate the“Mindfulness & Community Resilience” project at a charter school in the Tenderloin Community.  In the Bay area community, Angela works alongside local artists around creative endeavors aiming to create and honor sacred space and indigenous traditions. She received an M.A. in public policy and a certificate in health administration and policy from the University of Chicago’s Graduate School of Public Policy in 2004, and completed her undergraduate studies at the University of Notre Dame in 2000. Angela is currently the Student Alliance Coordinator at California Institute of Integral Studies.


Cristina-IbarraCristina Ibarra wants to rock your world. She knows the arts are a great way to do this and has dedicated the last five years to empowering artists and youth to use their talents and creativity to inspire us all. She’s an enabler. She’s an administrator. She’s an artist. She’s a facilitator. Whether in the space between a tango embrace or a ukelele chord, behind an office desk or in front of an audience, Cristina’s mission is to help people connect with themselves, the world, and others around them through the sublime experience of art. Most recently Programs Manager at ArtSpan, Cristina has worked with various arts non-profits and organizations in San Francisco, including the Red Poppy Art House, Independent Arts & Media, Project Tango, and the SF Arts Providers Alliance. She currently participates as a curator and organizer for MAPP (Mission Arts Performance Project), and performs with local music groups including the Hitsville Soul Sisters, Beautiful Earthquake, and others. In 2011, Cristina was an artist-in-residence at EDELO in Chiapas, Mexico, where she worked on rethinking alternative organizational models and began a forthcoming photography project. In her down time (yeah right!), Cristina enjoys dancing, traveling, and exploring the East Bay.


Creatix-TiaraCreatrix Tiara works with creative arts & media productions, community cultural development, and education to explore ideas around community, identity, liminality, belonging, and social justice. She is highly skilled at building bridges and connections across cultures and demographics, adapting to quickly-changing circumstances, taking initiative, working with new media and technology, researching resources and networks, and producing in multiple creative and media forms.






  • Applied Arts and Health – Network of Researchers and Practitioners – Applied Arts and Health includes any artform which is used in an applied way to intentionally bring about change within a health context. –
  • Rhizomaticac Arts – Cultivating 21st century creative professionals with skills to grow. (LA based)



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