Deconstructing Archives

Deconstructing the Archive as a Condition of Possibility for the Future is a 1-day workshop that aims to deconstruct what is an archive to explore the multiple ways the public and research can relate to an archive(s). The workshop is an effort to reclaim the purpose and relationship of knowledge sharing as a tool to leverage equitable partnerships in the arts.

Project Lead: Angela ‘Mictlanxochitl’ Anderson Guerrero

“Although there are local Bay Area movements organizing and interrogating the role and impact of archives, they are sparse and their impact has been limited.  The archival process is not an exclusive domain and is a growing field for community collaboration and political mobilization.  This is a opportune moment in light of the fears festering in the political, social, and cultural milieu of the United States and a gentrifying Bay Area.  Our stories now will hold and give redemption to the futures to come.”