Artists & Admins in Action

Artists & Admins in Action — part of #ProjectAIM (Allies in Motion)
This project consists of home-based political education workshops offered to friend and colleague groups. Arts and the administrators who support them are the trendsetters for culture but too often this art is created in a “progressive” liberal vacuum. Participants will come to the space at ease and will leave feeling informed, inspired and rooted in their community of artists and arts administrator networks as they work to put allyship and anti-racism into practice.

Project Lead: Jay-Marie J. Hill

“This award is an incredible opportunity for our team to contribute deep political education to the Bay Area’s Arts Ecosystem. Despite the Bay’s reputation as a progressive region, anti-Black, anti-Muslim and White Supremacist ideologies still run rampant through many minds, offices, and organizations. This grant is coming at a powerful time, as people are beginning to be exhausted by the political climate. Our project will serve as a needed, uplifting intermediary between the current day Movement for Black Lives and the status quo arts world.”