Rituals for Creative Blocks

Rituals for Creative Blocks offer somatic instructions to solve problems of contemporary creative life, and challenge participants to examine indirect and non-monetary driven solutions to everyday problems. The rituals — available as a live, interactive performance and as limited-edition chapbooks — broaden an understanding of creative “results,” “ends and means,” and the idea of a muse / magic as relates to creative labor.

Project Leads: Liat Berdugo & Leora Fridman

“Many arts administrators enter the field because of their desire to create space for rich cultural life, for invention, for the creation of new ideas ­­– but many find themselves stuck and burnt ­out within the realities of institutional arts ­management, realities that often suck out the element of play and experimentation in favor of the bureaucracy and administrative tasks that make it possible for creative work to be shown in institutions, read/seen by audiences, and performed in large/public spaces. Our project reminds arts administrators how deeply infused their work remains with play and experimentation even (and perhaps especially) when this work including blocks, stuck places, bureaucratic elements, even boring tasks. The rituals point to these tasks as material for creative experimentation, play, liveliness, and even liberation.”