EAP/SF BA encourages you to VOTE!

If you still need to decide on what to vote on tomorrow, here are a few starting points for your consideration. The Bay Area is experiencing a BOOM, we all feel it, see it, hear it and walk among it. As a community, artists, arts admin and cultural workers have poured countless hours and an immense amount of passion into making this region culturally diverse and vibrant. Now EAP/SFBA urges each and everyone of you to exercise your political muscle by voting for propositions and representatives that align with your values and commitment to the Bay Area.

Tips on preparing to go to the polls:

  • Find an organization you trust that has a slate card or endorsement list, most have a bit of commentary on why they recommend your vote goes one way or the other.
  • Start talking to those around you about the issues, relevant questions will come up and this is a great time to talk them out with friends.
  • Bring your sample ballot or a slate card with you to your polling place, no matter how jazzed you are about one measure, this process can be overwhelming and it’s great if you can bring along a cheat sheet.
  • REMEMBER: you can’t have any attire/apparel that endorses a measure or candidate in any polling place.
  • YOU CAN VOTE TODAY! Call your county registrar’s office to find out the location and hours

Endorsements from organizations we trust:

San Francisco Tenants Union – Endorsements 
For over 40 years SFTU has been fighting for tenants/renters rights through advocacy, counseling, and organizing.

Causa Justa::Just Cause – Endorsements
CJJC works in Oakland and San Francisco to grow grassroots leadership through membership organizing, leadership training, civic engagement and movement building.

San Francisco Arts Townhall 2014
Supervisor Candidate Questionnaire Responses [INFO SHARE: Not an Endorsement]

Endorsed ACTION:

Join Pro Arts in attending the Oakland City Council Meeting, Wednesday, November 5, 6:30 pm
Oakland City Council Votes on Funding for Public Art Percent for Public Art in Private Development
RSVP to show your support & Attend the Council Meeting

Last week four members of the council were unwilling to vote on the measure and expressed hesitation – Kaplan, Brooks, McElhaney and Reid.  These four Councilmembers need to hear from you! They need to hear that Oakland needs to demand quality development reflecting our values and that this city of artists should have the same requirements as surrounding cities that will create millions of dollars of work for local artists.

We need to rally Oaklanders to reach out to the Council – This is private investment in public art, artists and public space! -Pro Arts



Katherine Canton, EAP Network Coordinator