Carla Belinda Margarita Orendorff

Media Artist and Educator, Bay Area Video Coalition

Carla is an artist, educator, and documentary filmmaker who weaves her passion for storytelling with her commitment to the transformation of everyday life in the city. Growing up in Los Angeles, she was inspired by the stories of her grandmother who quietly grew gardens from concrete cracks of industrial rivers with her hands. She has taught filmmaking classes with hundreds of young people in collaboration with organizations throughout Los Angeles and the Bay Area including UCSF, LYRIC, SF International High School, BAYCAT and most recently Bay Area Video Coalition (BAVC). She was an early mentor for ImMEDIAte Justice, a media program for young queer women of color to explore issues of gender and sexuality through film. Carla received her B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies from California Institute for Integral Studies and when not at BAVC, can be found in a library, on a tree, in a darkroom, or in her dreams.