Evolve & Vocalize: What can we do now?

Change in trickled down funding

Offering micro-grants

Identifying a different business model

Find a way to get more money for the independent artist

Assign someone under 30 on the board

Advocacy, Becoming knowledgeable about legislation that affects the arts

Funders round table

Education for both artists and founders

Continue to nourish opportunities for potential collaborations and networking

Arts + political involvement

Identifying and funding artists healthcare as well as sustainable survival

Giving money for program development and process not just product

Identifying/Creating Space, like Red Ink Studios in Hunters Point

Collect best practices + finance information to share with emerging artists / organizations

Develop internships for arts advocacy to support knowledge and action of/on legislation

Support the work of SF BAEAP

Build cross disciplinary programs to support shared goals

Identify symbiotic relationships between institutions

Mentorship programs for administrators of artists run spaces and community arts organizations

Plugging into existing communities i.e. critique groups, artist run spaces, etc

Networking – hearing other people stories

Resist the desire to be all things to all people

Make friends who have insight (explore need for partnerships)

Clarifying our mission

Forums, networks building bridges

Foster connections

Create a website for people to interact

Offer professional development opportunities

Offer a space for people to barter services (on website)

Create book clubs

Exchange of art and non art sectors

Partnerships – match making

Create Professional mentorship programs

Create an advisory board – with specific roles

Emphasize work/life balance

Offer organizational support towards personal art practice, professional development and social benefits

Opportunity to interact as artists not just “arts professionals”

Professional mentorship opportunities

Build philosophy of continued learning/development built into job description or mission

Creativity model: TED.COM

A collective voice to share our outcomes as artist to broad communities.

Share outcome with other cross-disciplinary artists as well

Meaningful collaborations across diverse platforms for showcasing one another, a more social (more arts, less production work) sustainable and fun.

Meeting model: Meet-up.com (people sharing what they are working on, while having fun.

Stride towards a tangible connection between arts thinking and street level / community level contexts.

Provide a dedicated space (arts center with housing)

Offer a portal for how for-profits/non profits can work with one another

Our community – Artistic + design thinking

Increase the bottom up input model (communities, artist, bottom level workers)

Offer entrepreneurial programs

Offer creative workshops, services for corporations

Help individual artists navigate while positioning themselves in a capitalist workforce (diversify their offerings)

Online/off line networking opportunities

Bridging gaps between generations

Advocating for a new model – the Obama Model

How to run a self sustainable organization with low funds

Mentorship program to share skills between emerging and established art professionals

Set a bulleting board for members interaction

Facilitate a barter system

Time to get together to identify specific topics “Support Groups” Meet-up.com

Artistic administrative counseling on communication (organizational coach)

Helping to identify a career trajectory and leveraging skills

Educating current leaders about resources within community – how can it benefit the organization?

Meet more

Identify issues

Organize workshops

Get to know our community challenges /solutions

Share resources

Find allies

Find common goals

Work on different strategies

How do we articulate our strengths? Capitalize on creativity.

Prevent burnout / artist isolation

Fund research and advocate on impact of the arts – How can we bring this perspective into our organizations?

Increase collaborations and partnerships

Get more funds for office operations and administrative costs

Help create giving circles

When resources are scarce, how do organizations/artists make time, think about new approaches/models

Transfer of knowledge inter-organization – communication is key

Affect career centers at universities

Recognizing your own value as an artist

Offer an avenue for community to vent (network affiliation)

Or vent by redefining roles – owning craft, making your own community

Value yourself / confidence / worth (skills)

Understand options (+/-) for sustainability

Make real world solutions available and transferable

Offer training in writing a business plan

Knowing your worth instead of seeking external validation for $

What IS the next step?

Teach Teamwork vs. corporate models

Block / protect soul sucking

Teach how one can balance methods for making a living

o How to maintain fiscal sustainability

A culture of service – education/theater/health, science, food/nutrition

Tap into the diversity

Definition of community – Regional vs. local

Arts advocacy and economic development

Recognize that competition for funding discouraging alliances

Translate policy language

Fund arts administration degrees

Stop recreating the wheel!

Experimentation – art as research

Teach people to become their own advocates

Help people develop the language they need

Develop a culture of natural mentorship

Building learning communities

Cross pollinate ideas/programs/people

Create a mentorship blueprint

Offer career path counseling

Can BEAEAP be the repository or information source or cleaning house for case studies of art career paths

What already exists – opportunities, life styles, communities, +/- attributes framework

Act as a resource radar and transparency

Information sharing about opportunities for professional development

Emphasizing importance skills value or artists in professional sector

Keep asking questions, infuse new ideas

Key: grass roots, volunteer and DYI environments

Distilling the many opportunities within the bay area

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