Evolve & Vocalize: A Spotlight on Next Generation Arts Leadership

On April 11, SFBAEAP hosted its first public event, titled “Evolve & Vocalize: A Spotlight on Next Generation Arts Leadership.” Our first series of blog posts on this site show some of the results from the day, work resulting from the remarkable collaboration of approximately 80 participants, representing a cross-section of artists, arts organizations, funders, educators, administrators, and advocates, from the San Francisco Bay Area community.

There is a wealth of information, which has been divided as follows:

Basic info

Question 1: Broad Trends and Implications

Question 2: What can we do now?

Stickies Snapshot (brief summaries of emerging discussion topics)


In addition, we’ve created pages reflecting what were identified as the most critical topics, with lists that smaller groups generated of what our community could do to address our concerns, or make progress on that particular issue. Follow the links in the right sidebar or at the top of this blog to read those results.

We hope you’ll share your feedback, and get involved! As the “Evolve & Vocalize” participants concluded, “We can act now to make a positive and powerful impact.”

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