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Who Can We Be?

by Arlene Goldbard In my first post, my goal was to expand our narrow debate over arts funding to include the large and urgent questions of value that should drive cultural policy. I brought up really big issues (such as the fact that we spend more than two annual National Endowment for the Arts [NEA)] […]


by Sanjit Sethi I want to make a distinction between spending the resources to fund or not fund a specific cultural project and the ability to devote resources to think about the long-term direction of where one wants to allocate resources towards cultural cultivation. Inherently cultural policy is a process of navigation. Navigation is about […]

Kristi’s Rant

by Kristi Holohan   Art is a language. Art can be used as expression and communication. Arts teach innovation, creativity and philosophy. To speak this language we need to be exposed to Art’s tools-materials, positive instruction, and techniques.  We should be nurtured, positively guided through our experience and listen to each other’s expression as a […]

Cultural Sustainability in the New (Oakland)

by Randolph Belle The (Oakland) in the title of this submission can probably be swapped out for many cities across the country, but the concept of cultural sustainability has been an increasingly pressing issue for me of late. I look at my role in the arts community, my existence as an African American and what […]

Art as a Human Right

by Kenji C. Liu “I do not want art for a few, any more than education for a few, or freedom for a few.” – William Morris William Morris was a late 19th century artist and socialist who divided art into two types – the type done by and for the people, or popular art, […]


By Sanjit Sethi. The landscape of cultural policy is a constantly shifting one. Not unlike the rapidly changing face of our planet we can similarly see changes in cultural policy by looking at both larger national / global policy as well as by examining more intimate local policy as it relates to specific communities. While […]

We've moved & our Cultural Policy 101 Blog Salon starts today!

Hello! Emerging Arts Professionals/SFBA has moved to emergingsf.org Please visit us on our shiny new site. “Who We Are” – The Cultural 101 Blog Salon Begins Today Emerging Arts Professionals/SFBA and Oakland Museum of California (OMCA) are proud to kick off the Cultural Policy 101 Blog Salon today! Dedicated to reframing the issues around cultural […]

Who We Are

By Arlene Goldbard . I admit it: I’m obsessed. I turn my attention to the way we spend our commonwealth as a nation, and like a song you can’t get out of your head, the cultural policy questions that matter most to me keep cycling through: Who are we as a people? What do we […]

Reframing The Arts: Advocating for Culture

Reframing The Arts: Advocating for The Public Interest in Culture April 16th – Oakland Museum of California (OMCA) – 1p-4p If you’re energized by the blog salon and want to delve deeper into these issues we invite you to Reframing The Arts: Advocating for The Public Interest in Culture April 16th 1p-4p in the James […]