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TECH & ART: HOW TO May 25, 2011 6 – 8:30 pm @ Intersection for the Arts Please RSVP here Emerging Arts Professionals presents Tech & Art, a workshop part of the EAP 2011 Spring Series. Join us May 25, 2011 at Intersection for the Arts and hear from leading arts organizations in the San Francisco Bay […]

Relevance & Reform: a Remixed Response to Randolph Belle

By Eboni Senai Hawkins “In a capitalist system, culture is a system of control.” – Todd Lester – Founder, www.freedimensional.org It’s 3am. I just got off the phone with a friend of mine – a talented visual artist – who is threatening to become a Republican and abandon her practice. She says that the American public […]

Expanding The Vision

By Arlene Goldbard Many thanks to my fellow bloggers for providing abundant inspiration! The big questions of cultural policy are so vital and matter so much, yet they are seldom publicly discussed even by the people who care most. Who are we as a people? What do we want to remembered for, our vast creativity, […]

Aerosol Writing and Community Mural Policy

by Desi W.O.M.E. Reactionary politics are always dangerous. The policies that are created in those moments often have long-lasting unforeseen consequences that are equally difficult to undo until another catastrophe forces another emotional reaction and the cycle is repeated. Richmond muralists have recently come under such a threat that threatens to handcuff their ability to […]

Creating Real Outlets for Cultural Arts Expression

by Jacinda Abcarian BEMIE (www.myspace.com/bemerules) is a 23 year old artist from Oakland. As a “punk rapper” his two self-proclaimed necessities are food and a cell phone.  But faced with mainstream media outlets that shut out new talent and literally play the same seven booty-music songs in rotation each hour, he struggles to get known.  While […]

A response to "Kristi's Rant"

by Sanjit Sethi Kristi, Thanks for your thoughtful remarks. When you state “we need to change something” I am reminded of the quote from the Sufist scholar Rumi that says new organs of perception come about as a result of necessity, therefore in order to increase one’s perception one needs to increase necessity. As you […]

To Face Ruin Is A Victory

by Kenji C. Liu In my last post, I suggested framing art as a human right, in the sense that community art is a practice that can sidestep or challenge the spreadsheet mentality that exists in the United States when it comes to arts and culture policy. This is not to say that we can […]

Working (our butts off) to Preserve Cultural Policy in Oakland

by Jacinda Abcarian I think we all know that our place within Maslow’s hierarchy of needs determines how much time, energy and money we can spend on enjoying and creating art.  For many of Oakland’s youth, physiological and safety needs are top priorities.  This is why free and affordable arts offerings are so important but often left […]

The Civics of Cultural Sustainability

by Randolph Belle “Sustainability” is one of the more versatile words you’ll hear these days.  In several conversations there could be several different trustees of any sustainability movement.  You might hear an environmentalists referring to eco-friendly practices to save the planet; philanthropists and foundations talking about the future funding strategies of a cultural or charitable […]