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Emergence Recap: Decentralized Leadership and Managing Creativity

By Brien Henderson Models of arts leadership and organization will naturally fall somewhere on a spectrum from heavily centralized to markedly diffuse. This discussion on June 4, 2012 at the Emerging Arts Professional’s annual convening, Emergence,  focused on organizations closer to the latter. Of course, nothing starts out that way. What is the process of […]

Emergence Recap: The Working Process of Innovation in the Arts

By Dania J. Wright Pathways toward innovation Being labeled an innovator is earned through extensive exploration and a bit of chance. “Collect programs and projects, learn some things, do it again,” recommends Marc Vogl, Executive Director of the Bay Area Video Coalition (BAVC) during the panel discussion on June 4, 2012, as part of Emerging Arts […]

Emergence Recap: Equity in Placemaking

By Tyese M. Wortham What is placemaking? Emerging Arts Professionals (EAP) 2011-12 Fellow Katie Fahey opened the Equity in Placemaking session at the Emergence annual convening on June 4, 2012, by explaining that there is a consensus surrounding the term placemaking. In my mind, I’m thinking, “A general consensus among whom?’ By the end of the session it […]

Arts Management Tweet Chat on June 22 with Bea Dominguez

By Michael DeLong, Managing Editor The role artists play in creating vibrant cities seems to be the conversation du jour, inspiring lively events, provocative blog posts, and no small flurry of foundation interest. (And, perhaps most controversially for those word nerds among us, an as-yet-not-fully-recognized closed compound neologism in placemaking.) What better time to hop […]

Microfinance for the Arts: How to Build an Investing Community

By Mariko Chang, EAP Fellow As artists and arts and culture workers, we are fueled by passion, ideas, and the creative process. And although we hate to admit it, we need money, too. With that in mind, in March I attended an evening seminar at Pro Arts in Oakland to hear John Spokes, Director of […]

The Artist-Administrator Balancing Act

Wednesday, May 23, 5-7pm (reception to follow) The Artist-Administrator Balancing Act A Panel Discussion / Workshop The San Francisco Foundation, 225 Bush Street, Suite 500 This is a Free event. Space is limited; order tickets on Eventbrite. Arts administrators simultaneously working as artists balance the demands of multiple professions, a common challenge in the field. While […]