EAP Fellowship, Our Flagship Program

This Fellowship program seeks to answer the question: What’s next? and looks to the future by bringing together insightful and energetic leadership and emerging models in a convergence of participatory practice and action learning.

The new frontier of creative leadership requires new competencies, skills and sensitivities that are adaptive, engaging and relevant.  This program aims to introduce an alternative model for professional development that balances traditional structure with increased creativity and experimentation.

Over the course of nine months, the Fellowship is designed to enrich and expand the professional skill-sets of emerging and mid-level leaders working in the Bay Area’s arts and culture field.

Principles of networked learning inform the design of the EAP/SFBA Fellowship program. This model is intended to promote inquiry-based learning that is both empowering and flexible, as it adjusts and aligns to address each Fellow’s specific aims. Fellows should be self-starters, interested in building cross-sector relationships and willing to take an active role in the learning process. From the start, Fellows will work with the EAP/SFBA Leadership Group to identify specific learning goals and methods for achieving those goals. Milestones, collective expectations and personal benchmarks will then be developed collaboratively.

Leadership Group Chairs will support Fellows by connecting them to ideas, materials, expertise and human resources (e.g., speakers, mentors and/or consultants). Chairs will also coordinate individual goal setting and project timelines, moderate discussions, facilitate problem-solving sessions and supply overall guidance throughout the program.

2016-17 Fellowship

Meet the Round VII cohort!

Fellowship Alumni

Round I Cohort (2010-11)

Round II Cohort (2011-12)

Round III Cohort (2012-13)

Round IV Cohort (2013-14)

Round V Cohort (2014-15)

Round VI Cohort (2015-16)