Cultural Policy 101 : A Blog Salon

Cultural Policy 101 : A Blog Salon

Are you an aspiring blogger or cultural policy wonk?  An artist, activist or arts professional interested in joining the cutting edge of cultural thinking?

Then you’ll want to tune into our blog salon Cultural Policy 101 April 11-15.

Arts funding seems to be perpetually in crisis, but lately, the crisis has escalated. But the truth is, 30 years of relying on economic arguments and “support the arts” slogans have yielded a decline in the real value of NEA funding of more than half. This year’s NEA budget would have to be $400 million just to equal the spending power of 1980.

It’s time to enlarge the debate.

To respond to this conversation, Emerging Arts Professionals and Oakland Museum of California will host a conversation on this issue. Cultural Policy 101 will leverage the voices of Oakland arts leaders to discuss how we can move from a failed strategy to one that captures the true power, scope, and promise of the public interest in culture.

Our salon will feature writers, activists and arts professionals such as Arlene Goldbard (writer, activist, blogger), Randolph Belle (Support Oakland Artists), Nancy Hernandez (Program Manager, Estria Foundation), Sanjit Sethi (Director, Center for Art in Public Life, CCA), Jacinda Abcarian (Executive Director, Youth Radio), Kenji Liu (Writer, Graphic designer, Cultural Worker), Kristi Holohan and Ara Jo (Rock Paper Scissors Collective) and Susan Mernit (Editor/Publisher Oakland Local and media entrepreneur).

For more information or to find out how YOU can participate click here:

You can participate by visiting the blog daily at April 11-15 for updated postings, and please comment often! We want you to be a part of this important conversation. What is the public interest in culture? Do we want to promote equity? Active participation in community life? Expand opportunity for marginalized voices? Beautify the built environment, creating sites of public memory that speak to everyone?