Key Questions:  How can we make the arts sector more sustainable? What can we do as individuals to renew our energy and passion? What can we do as a network to support each other? What can we do as leaders of programs and organizations to encourage a healthier arts ecosystem?

External Links

  • THE INITIATIVE FOR SUSTAINABLE ARTS IN AMERICA – A three-year effort launched by Harvard University’s Hauser Center to strengthen the nation’s arts infrastructure and develop a fact-based assessment of the sustainability of urban arts institutions across the country.
  • CALIFORNIA CENTER FOR CREATIVE RENEWAL – (formerly the Art Therapy Center of North County) believes that through creative expression we can reawaken the strengths within each of us.
  • CENTER FOR LEADERSHIP RENEWAL (CLR) – A network of partners and associates from around the world with an abiding interest in improving the arts and arcane science of leadership. Smart, creative, forward looking people seeking to improve the way leadership is developed, practiced and measured.
  • ROCKWOOD LEADERSHIP INSTITUTE – The Rockwood Leadership Institute was founded in 2000 to provide individuals, organizations and networks in the social benefit sector with powerful and effective training in leadership and collaboration.


Adriana Marcial
Development & Communications Manager, Joe Goode Performance Group
Alex Randall
Operations Manager, Bloomboard
Caroline Walthall
Development Associate, ODC/Dance
Claire Frost
Curatorial Assistant
Tossie Long
Musician, Research Associates

Proposed Projects

Proposed Project # 1

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Proposed Project # 2

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Proposed Project # 3

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