Something to Gather, Something to Use

Publication by the Regenerative Practices Team

Cohort X (2019–2020)

This publication is presented as a result of the 2019-20 Emerging Arts Professionals (SF/BA) Fellowship. In our year together, we explored how we can make arts administration more sustainable and what can we do as individuals to renew our energy and passion, as well as support each other. We also discussed how we as leaders of programs and organizations can encourage a healthier arts and culture ecosystem. As a group, we hosted a January dinner with our team and guest speakers Ericka Huggins, Kija Lucas, Katherin Canton, Yesenia Sanchez, and Shelley Kuang to explore our topic. We also co-developed a February fellowship session with EAP staff and facilitated the majority of the session.

Team Members: Chanell Stone, Adrianne Ramsey, J Spagnolo

Team Mentor: Tyese Wortham