Sam Seung Jung

Collective Founder, Super Futures Haunt Qollective (SFHQ),
Site Organizer at Voices of Oakland Youth for Community Empowerment (VOYCE)

Sam Seung Jung is a specter born and raised in Southern California. As immigrants from Southern Korea, sam’s parents made sure to not only feed him a lot of kimchee throughout his childhood but worked to instill within him the importance of Korean identity and doing what’s right. seung attended UCSD where he majored in Ethnic and International Studies and minored in critical gender studies and visual arts while organizing around education justice and queer API/Korean issues. After graduating, sam made his way to Oakland to work as a youth organizer where he has been working with inspiring young Asian/American folks to build a better world for four years. Sam is a co-founder of two art collectives, Half-house and most recently, the Super Futures Haunt Qolletive (SFHQ). Seung’s current art project seeks to reify the constitutive legacies of historical, political, emotional, social, and affective violence resulting from war, conquest, colonialism, slavery, genocide, and imperialism through art (and ghosts) in order to de-limit the boundaries of what can be super futures. Sam also organizes with HOBAK (Hella Organized Bay Area Koreans), an anti-imperialistic collective of diasporic Koreans. Yes, his hair is natural curly and no, it’s not a perm. sam is an Aquarius with a Libra moon sign. 

Interests:  SF/BA Arts Ecology | Balance Practice and Sustainability
Skills:  Studying relations of power, difference, and soul | Balancing theory, art praxis, and community engagement

EAP Fellowship Research Team: The Creative City