Digital Marketing Specialist, Forestethics; Founder, Art Inspector; Communications Director, EAP SF/BA

Danielle Siembieda is an art service provider and creative entrepreneur in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her most recent project, “The Art Inspector” was conceived in 2009 as a method to reduce the carbon footprint of art. She recently received a grant from the Silicon Valley Energy Watch to conduct energy assessments on artist’s studios and take them through an eco-art makeover. Siembieda has a MFA in Digital Media Art at SJSU at the CADRE Laboratory for New Media with a focus on green technologies, sustainable materials. Additionally she is the Community Engagement and Special Projects Manager for ZER01: The Art and Technology Network. One of her most recent titles is the New Media Curator of a innovative partnership between San Francisco’s Intersection for the Arts and East Bay’s CalShakes. In this position she is responsible for providing visual and technical support for the online presence for new audience participation. She is also the Program Manager for the residencies of the San Jose Climate Clock Initiative, a collaborative public art project to make an iconic landmark measuring climate change and influencing public behavior. Siembieda recently ended her third term as Managing Editor of one of the pioneering online academic new media journals, SWITCH.