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Only a few months ago, our FaceBook group was made up of just a few
steering committee members. We have now climbed to 273 members.

Thanks for joining in. We hope to meet many of you at the de Young
this Friday for A Fall Mixer, but tickets are selling fast. Get yours today.

Remember, FaceBook page members get a $3 discount. Enter code
MEMBER at checkout.

This will be a great opportunity to talk about your upcoming projects,
make new connections, listen to jazz, explore the museum and hear
what SFBAEAP has planned next.

Manifest yourself at the de Young this Friday, September 18th.
We’re going to have a fun time.


In other news,

Want to be part of a national arts dialog and work with your stunning peers?
Americans for the Arts Councils Seek New Members-
Emerging Leaders, Arts Education, and Public Art.

Candidates must be professional members of Americans for the Arts and
you may nominate yourself or a colleague. The deadline for nominations
is October 2, 2009. To find out more about eligibility, guidelines, and
nominating yourself or a colleague, visit the website.

Please forward to your peers across the US.


I was lucky enough to attend Tide’s Momentum last week. It really made me think
about arts & culture work in context and the benefit of cross sector alliances.

In one of my favorite sessions John Kao talked about The Geography of Innovation.
There was a lot of very useful information on how creativity impacts innovation and how we
can propel ourselves to discover new ways of thinking and working. He also played a mean
jazz piano. But it hasn’t been posted. In the meantime, you can visit his website at

But a lot of compelling conversations have been posted. Here are just a few. Check ‘em out.
Most are under 20 minutes long.

-Phaedra Ellis-Lamkins of Green For All in Oakland gives an energizing talk on how to align
environmental thinking and the need to rebuild our economy. She also gives us an update on
Van Jones recent resignation.

-Wow, Jessy Tolkan is Executive Director for the Energy Action Coalition, a group of 50 leading
youth organizations throughout the U.S. and Canada that organize on college campuses, high
schools, and in local communities. She has a lot to say about the power of youth to determine
the future of this country by turning it up a level.

-Jacquette M. Timmons gave a thoughtful talk that inspired us to look at the current financial crisis
as an underlying identify crisis and she gives us tools to address it.

-Sony Kapoor speaks on Changing a System of Our Creation. A former derivatives trader who switched
sides, Sony Kapoor employs vivid metaphors to argue that finance needs to be reigned in to bring us
back to prosperity, in this, modern society’s 90th such financial crisis.


I was saddened to see Yosi Sergant step down from his position as Communications Director of the
National Endowment for the Arts. He is a generous spirit and hard worker who brought
grassroots artists and thinkers to the White House. Here is some background information:

And right after Van Jones, this is quite a blow.

Local writers Arlene Goldbard and Jeff Chang, who most recently served on a White House cultural
policy panel organized by Yosi, share their thoughts on this recent turn of events.

Annals of Scapegoating, Part Two: Yosi Sergant

The New Shape Of The Culture War :: Glenn Beck, Yosi Sergant, Van Jones, and Hip-Hop


Here are a few sites of interest, suggested by you, our members. Thanks so much.

Keep them coming.

The Collective Arts Think Tank shares an interesting take on the
systemic problems facing the field of contemporary live performance.

Check out their observations and recommendations.

Don’t wait for perfection. Launch & learn.

The Building Movement Project has put together some great reports on
how to open dialog between older and younger generations and how we
can work together to define the future of nonprofit leadership.

How to Be a Smart Protégé
Eight tips for setting up a network of mentors

Comments? Anything to add on these topics or others?

There is even more on the discussion board. Check it out and keep the conversation growing
by adding your own links.


Lastly, SFBAEAP is looking for a part-time Communications Manager.
This is a volunteer position. Want to help build community and share
news amongst your emerging arts colleagues. Do you have an interest in
new media strategies and a fondness for forward thinking? Do you have
10-15 hours a month to donate? Drop me a line if you’re interested at

See you soon!

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