Key Questions:  How do “network” and “community” relate to the purpose of your organization?  What companies or organizations are effectively using a “networked approach” in their work?  What norms of the arts sector does a “networked approach” challenge, and what choices do arts leaders face as a result? What types of leadership are required to work in a networked way?

External Links

  • SiG Knowledge Hub – Aa website designed to provide learning resources about creating conditions for social innovation
  • Unsectored – Hosts online and offline conversations with diverse opinions and critical dialogue on issues at the intersections of different areas of change. It focuses on open, constructive conversations that challenge our understanding of how to create change in society.
  • Collective Agency – A strategic & creative agency empowering a free & collaborative world.


Brittney Shepherd
Independent Mediamaker
Gina Acebo
(former) Network Coordinator
Hannah Merriman
Co-founder, Fortnight Collective; Cultural Agent, US Department of Arts and Culture
Matt Sussman
Marketing & Development Associate, Bay Area Video Coalition, Associate Editor, Art Practical

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