Hearing – Friday Firsts Mixer

“Emerging Arts Professionals invites you to the third event in the Friday Firsts series – Hearing. Socialize with other arts professionals at Hemlock Tavern before a unique sonic experience at AUDIUM “a theatre of sound-sculptured space.” Explore your sense of hearing and delight your ears with experimental sound works while visiting the only space of its kind! A place constructed specifically for choreographing sound in space. And stay tuned for an EAP-exclusive Q&A with composer Stan Shaff, a trumpet player, composer, teacher and the co-creator and developer AUDIUM.What: Hearing, part of the Emerging Arts Professionals Friday First Series
When: April 29, 2011
Where: Hemlock Tavern and AUDIUM
Hemlock Tavern – 6:30pm 1131 Polk Street San Francisco, CA 94109-5541 (415) 923-0923
AUDIUM – 8:30pm 1616 Bush Street San Francisco, CA 94109-5308 (415) 771-1616 Questions contact nextgenerationsf@gmail.com Price: $20.00 payable on site.

The first 20 people to RSVP get the EAP discount of $15 ($5 off the regular $20 ticket). Anyone RSVPing after the 20 person limit will need to purchase their own ticket directly from Audium. Other things to note: We will leave Hemlock Tavern after drinks and socializing at 8pm and walk to AUDIUM.

Please note AUDIUM is performed in complete darkness for a sustained period of time.

Mark your calendars! Upcoming Friday Firsts include: May 27 – Taste @ Straw and June 10 – Smell @ Hayes Valley Farm.

Friday Firsts is a networking series designed for arts and culture workers in the Bay Area. Emerging Arts Professionals/SFBA is a network focused on empowerment, leadership, and growth of next generation arts and culture workers in the San Francisco Bay Area through knowledge sharing, learning opportunities, and partnerships. By supporting today’s emerging models and mindsets, we hope to generate a path for individuals’ meaningful and sustainable work and to stimulate a vibrant, integrated, and evolving arts and culture sector. http://emergingsf.org

For more information visit http://www.audium.org/ www.hemlocktavern.com

Stan Shaff: From his early career in the 1950s as a trumpet player, composer and teacher, Stan Shaff gravitated towards stretching boundaries and shaping new forms. His friendship and collaboration with painter and sculptor Seymour Locksexpanded his grounding in the arts. His high school band students performed improvisational light-sound programs, including one at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art; he explored the nature of sound in relation to movement with Anna Halprin’s Dancers Workshop; curious about sound bereft of traditional tools and structure, he turned to tape composition, working and performing with composers involved with the Tape Music Center. By the late 1950s, Shaff’s work with audio tape led to the need to externally realize sound in the way he conceived of it: as an energy in space. In 1958 Shaff met fellow musician and teacher Douglas McEachern, whose background in electronics enabled him to develop original equipment systems for live, spatial performances. From the first public presentation of these ideas in 1960 through succeeding decades of work with the co-creation and development of AUDIUM – constructed specifically for choreographing sound in space – Shaff has sought to explore and expand the language of space in music composition and performance”  To learn more visit them at http://www.audium.org/

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