Evolve & Vocalize: Basic Info


A Spotlight on Next generation
Arts Leadership

Saturday April 11, 2009
9:30am to 2:30pm

934 Brannan St.
San Francisco, CA


The World Cafe Principles

* encourage everyone’s contributions
* Listen together for insights
* Cross pollination of ideas
* Connect diverse perspectives
* Share collective discoveries

“Why this? Why now?”

* Innovative Thinking- tapping collective intelligence, knowledge and wisdom.
* Fostering commitment and engagement through meaningful conversations.
* Strengthening relationships-exploring questions that matter

World Cafe Etiquette

“Focusing on what matters”

* Contribute your thinking experience
* Listen for Patters and deeper questions
* Listen to understand perspectives
* Have fun!
* (play)
* (draw)
* (doodle)

Q1 What broad trends do you see in the emerging arts sector and what are the implications of those trends on your work?

Q2 Given the picture you’ve just identified, what could we enact now that will make a positive, powerful impact on your art practice or arts sector career in the future?

Q3 (in Affinity group) What would it take to move forward in this area?

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