EAP is pleased to announce it’s new day-long equity workshop. Originally developed for the EAP Fellowship Program, this workshop has been adapted to meet the needs of our general membership and public who have asked us to share some beginning training and practices for building cultural equity in the arts & culture field.

Beyond the Buzzword: An Equity in the Arts Workshop

Presented by Emerging Arts Professionals SFBA

EQUITY — It’s an easy term to throw around but difficult to practice! Explore how arts workers advance the conversation on cultural equity.

About this Event

Join us for a day-long workshop to start developing a practice for building and fostering cultural equity in the arts and culture field!

Through this session we will (1) dig deeper into the practice and theory of (cultural) equity and (2) reflect on our own social location (power analysis) with tools that can be brought into our cultural/arts work.

We’ll explore questions and share solutions:

  • How do arts workers, leaders, and artists advance the conversation on cultural equity across the sector and beyond?
  • How can we tackle institutional or systemic oppression or rethink creative place keeping strategies
  • How does having our own personal power analysis strengthen our lives and practice as cultural/arts workers?

Skills Development & Objectives:

  • Cultivate a practice of critical inquiry
  • Practice adaptability in group communication and adjustments
  • Articulate personal social location / power analysis
  • Analyze leadership boundaries / growth edges
  • Connect personal power analysis with field or organizational goals, working toward better cultural equity practices


  • This session is open to 20 attendees maximum to allow for deep group and individual work. If you’re interested in bringing in a large group, please contact the organizer.
  • This workshop is open to everyone, which also means a variety of ability and needs. This session includes sitting, standing, movement in a room, touching and holding hands, eye contact, reading, writing, listening, speaking, and is conducted in English. Please let us know if you have any concerns about these activities or other restrictions you may have, so that we can create variations that make space for you to be able to fully participate. Email jevohn@emergingsf.org.

Sat, September 21, 2019
10:00 AM – 2:30 PM PDT
Center for New Music