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ARTSblog : New Strategies to Support Next Generation Leadership

Are you an Emerging Arts Leader?  A Funder?  An Emerging Leader
Network wondering how you will sustain or grow your network?  Maybe you’re an Executive Director concerned about the leadership development of the next generation?

Then you’ll want to tune into ARTSblog April 5-9.

As arts administrators, we have all read reports and been involved in conversations about an impending generational shift.  Questions often arise about the readiness of emerging arts leaders to take over for current executive leaders, as we discuss “leadership gaps” and the lack of affordable professional development available.

To respond to this conversation, Americans for the Arts and the Emerging Leaders Council will host a national dialogue on New Strategies to Support Next Generation Leadership on ARTSblog.  The idea for this blog salon was developed out of a recent partnership between the Irvine and Hewlett Foundations to support Emerging Arts Leaders in California (See more about the Irvine/Hewlett partnership here).

This dialogue will leverage the voices of funders, Emerging Leader Network representatives, and leadership development advocates to discuss what is needed to sustain leadership growth, the skill sets that emerging leaders need to develop, and how funders are addressing the generational shift.

Make sure to visit the blog daily for updated postings, and comment often!

Visit the blog daily for new posts and add your own comments!

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