Vee Jenkins

Development/Strategic Planning Consultant and Performing Artist, Queer Cultural Center

I am an independent Grantwriter, Strategic Planning Consultant and Working Performance Artist based in the SF Bay Area. Because I am an Artist myself, I more clearly understand and can meet the Development and Strategic Planning needs of arts organizations and individual artists. I am one of very few Black and Queer women working in my field and am most excited about working with other Black/POC/ LGBTQIA+ led organizations as well as organizations whose mission center POC and/or LGBTQIA+ communities. My mission is to help folks navigate the Non-Profit Industrial Complex and access the resources therein.

City Voting District: City of Oakland, D3

State Representatives: State Assembly (District 18) Assembly Member Rob Bonta-DEM, State Senate (District 9) Senator Nancy Skinner-DEM

House of Representatives: 13th Congressional district of California, Congresswoman Barbara Lee