EAP/SFBA is committed to creating space for new ideas to be tested and to grow, most importantly we understand that creating space often means providing financial and administrative support to these projects. We are thrilled to announce the third round of MADE mini grant projects.

“This round, EAP selected two projects to receive MADE support. Both projects focus on learning, providing resources to the Network in ways that reflect the passions and expertise of the grantees as well as the mission of EAP. We are thrilled to be supporting these projects and fostering a culture of education and equity.” – Michelle Lynch Reynolds, Director of Engagement, EAP and Program Director, Dancer’s Group

#DignityInProcess: Ofún is a two-part workshop series that merges art with activism through connecting Black arts administrators to the current political movement, Black Lives Matter. Grounded in traditionalYorùbá and North American indigenous practices, Ofún workshops address the need for arts programming to be culturally and politically relevant by utilizing the circle model to bring Black Lives Matter direct action organizers, Black arts administrators, and Black healers and elders to the table. Together, participants will learn tools to sustain a movement where the arts and social justice campaigns work collaboratively to enrich their communities. This workshop series incorporates mindfulness techniques, somatic practices, creative strategic planning, and interactive arts-based activities to create empowering models of Black leadership in arts administration and activism. #DignityInProcess: Ofún workshops are apart of the Omi Gallery, Conjure Circle Series.

Bio: ChE (gender pronoun- they/ them/ their) uses the power of embodied mindfulness practices, arts-based community engagement, and interdisciplinary collaboration to build collective resiliency and sustainable models of living. ChE introduces their current platform #DignityInProcess as an opportunity for multi-generational, Black-identified change makers to develop a movement centered on empowerment, healing, and interdependence.

“The Art of Creation” is a book length publishing project that will collect and synthesize the wisdom of the Emerging Arts Professionals network of artists, thinkers and culture makers. Following EAP’s mission to empower, educate and nurture the next generation of Bay Area arts & culture workers, the book will be structured around EAP’s 4 main areas of study: The Creative City, Arts and Enterprise, Regenerative Practice and Cultural Equity. The book will be a resource for arts administrators, industry leaders and creatives interested in  community transformation and developing frameworks for interactions between artists, cultural organizations, government and networks of interconnected communities. The book will be available as an ebook and digital download and released at Emergence 2016.

Bio: Kwan Booth is an award winning writer and media futurist focusing on the intersection of communications, community, art and technology. He is the editor of “Black Futurists Speak: An Anthology of New Black Writing”, and has been published in “CHORUS, a literary mixtape”, “Beyond the Frontier: African American Poets for the 21st Century” and several journals and online publications. His work has won awards from the Center for Cultural Innovation and the Society of Professional Journalists and he’s spoken on media, technology and diversity at conferences including The National Conference on Media Reform and The International Journalism Festival in Perugia, Italy. He writes at http://boothism.org.