Jay-Marie Hill

Administrative Mgr at Robert Moses’ Kin Dance Company

Jay-Marie Hill – Jay-Marie is a Black, Boricua y White Masculine, Queer Woman, born and raised in the Bay Area. She is a graduate of Stanford University (B.A) in Theater and Performance Studies and the University of Southern California (M.A., Teaching). In all of her work – as a teacher, mentor, arts administrator, and artist – she seeks to support artists and organizations that further her desire to help Youth and People of Color feel empowered to take on the task of healing and transforming their communities and our world.

Having worked with several different arts organizations in the Bay Area, Jay-Marie always leaves a mark of professionalism, deep relationships, and fun in her wake. Her participation in the invite-only Brown Boi Project in 2010 – a national leadership development program for Masculine of Center People of Color – helped re-ground her focus in a desire to elevate Art and Blackness as a tactic to achieve liberation for people of all backgrounds. She found that in her current position at Robert Moses’ Kin and resonates deeply with RMK’s mission: to create phenomenal art that – rather than look beyond the differences that make us human – both recognizes and celebrates them.

Interests: How to delegate & stay productive | Team and solo efficiency | holding learner’s mind in professional contexts
Skills:  Making connections | Balancing efficiency with human needs/realities | Big picture thinking

EAP Fellowship Research Team: Cultural Equity