Chanell Stone

Visual Artist, Curator, Ideator

Chanell Stone is a visual artist and independent curator based in Oakland, CA. She graduated from California College of the Arts in May 2019 and has exhibited her artwork in San Francisco and New York. Chanell is invested in diversifying art world conventions both within her practice and systematically. While coming from a background in arts production, Chanell is also excited to follow her passion for social practice and program development. She is eager and motivated to create systems of resource allocation and disbursement for artists living in rapidly gentrified cities. She envisions a future in which the arts and major industry merge in order to provide fiscal support for artists and protect the cultural heartbeat of the community,

City Voting District: City of Oakland, D3

State Representatives: State Assembly (D18) Assembly Member Rob Bonta, State Senate (D9) Senator Nancy Skinner

House of Representatives: 13th Congressional district of California, Congresswoman Barbara Lee