Addie Ulrey

Core Artist / Ensemble Manager, Ragged Wing Ensemble

I am a playwright, director, performer, and all-around theater maker devoted to exploring the question of what remains vital and irreplaceable about live performance. For the past five years my artistic home has been Ragged Wing Ensemble, where I am a Core Company artist, and where I’ve also grown into arts administration in my position as Ensemble Manager. Ragged Wing has been growing exponentially over the past several years, especially since opening our new space, The Flight Deck, in Oakland in 2014. I’ve become one of the few sets of hands that run the company on a day-to-day basis, making decisions about programming, structure, hiring, scheduling, and more. In doing so, I’m learning how to build an arts community where people are supported to make their work and the work in turn supports the longevity of the company.


EAP/SFBA Fellowship Affinity Group: Cultural Equity & Regenerative Practices