Emma Rosenbaum

Marketing Director, Writer

Emma Rosenbaum is an interdisciplinary arts professional based in the Bay Area. She received her undergraduate degree in English at UC Berkeley, where she studied creative writing with acclaimed authors including Joyce Carol Oates, Robert Hass, Georgina Kleege, and Melanie Abrams. As the winner of the 2016 Roselyn Schneider Eisner Fiction Prize, Emma is published in several literary magazines and publications. She began her career screenwriting for a Tanzanian soap opera and then transitioned into the fine arts industry, working for Jenkins Johnson Gallery and nonprofit The Crucible. Emma can now be found at Aunt Lute Books, a nonprofit multicultural women’s publisher. Emma’s career honors her passion for the arts and social justice.

State Representatives: State Assembly (D15) Assembly Member Buffy Wicks, State Senate (D9) Senator Nancy Skinner

House of Representatives: 13th Congressional district of California, Congresswoman Barbara Lee