Bhumi Patel

Artistic Director and Arts Educator

Bhumi B. Patel is a queer, desi artist/activist creating multidisciplinary dancetheater with an intersectional feminist lens to unpack her inner landscape where she is brown, queer, working class, and a woman. As a dancer, choreographer, curator, educator, writer, and historian, she works from a trauma informed, social justice oriented perspective. Patel teaches at West Valley College, Lone Mountain Children’s Center, and Shawl-Anderson Dance Center. Patel’s work has been presented at SAFEhouse Arts, LEVYsalon, Shawl Salon, max10, Summer Performance Festival, RAWdance’s Concept Series, and the Queering Dance Festival. Patel has curated “fem(me)” since 2017 and has been published in the San Francisco Chronicle and Life as a Modern Dancer.