Portrait of Megan Brian

Megan Z. Brian

Assistant Director of Education and Public Practice, SFMOMA

Megan Z. Brian is Assistant Director of Education and Public Practice at SFMOMA which oversees and implements curatorial and pedagogical projects at the museum in the areas of school initiatives, public dialogue, and performance and film. She holds a BA in sociology from Mills College, and is a recent MA graduate from the Institute for Curatorial Practice in Performance at Wesleyan University. She was a fellow in the inaugural year of EAP and is on the EAP Advisory Board.
Fellowship Bio & Vision Statement

Megan Brian, Cohort I (2010–11)

Education and Public Programs Coordinator, SFMOMA

Megan grew up in Bay Area in the small town of Fairfax. She graduated from Mills College with a BA in sociology and a minor in art. She decided to combine her passion for the stu5263673217_ba7868bf7a_bdy of how groups function with her love of art. What better, then, to coordinate events for the arts? Megan began planning development events at SFMOMA and then transitioned into the education department where she is the Education and Public Programs Coordinator.  For the past three years Megan has helped organize many of the museum’s public programs, from films to lectures to live art. When not at work, she can be found at karaoke or in a movie theater.